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The Hermes Einrichtungs Service (HES) offers interesting training positions, providing an attractive perspective for professional development. By providing excellent training, HES invests in the future of its young talents and, consequently, in the future of the company itself. Therefore, we offer a wide range of training positions in various vocational training programs and study fields. Here, you will get an overview of them!

Training at HES

Trainees at HES alternate between practical and theoretical phases. During the practical phases, they gain insights into the various departments of HES, while during the theoretical phases, they attend vocational schools. There is the possibility of being assigned to Hamburg (Sales) or other depot locations. The duration of the training program is 3 years, but it can often be shortened to 2.5 years.

Study at HES

The duration of the study program is 7 semesters (3.5 years). It follows a 13-week alternating pattern between theory and practice phases. In the 5th semester, the study focus is determined. During the practical phases, there are rotations between departments and visits to HUBs and depots. The study program concludes with a bachelor’s thesis.

Our vocational training programs

In which profession would you like to start your career? How do you envision your dream job? We offer you some exciting and promising vocational training programs. Here, you will get to know the detailed contents of our vocational training programs.
Training Contents
Getting to know the headquarters and the HUB in Löhne
Working across different departments
Learning about logistical processes along the supply chain
Assisting customers, clients, and depots
Planning and organizing goods shipping, handling, storage, and logistical services
Opportunities for assignments outside the headquarters (depot visits)
Seminars/ further training in various areas
Vocational school: Rudolf-Rempel Vocational College Bielefeld
Main subjects (continuous)
Business processes
Control and monitoring
Secondary subjects (each for one block)
English (continuous)
Data processing
The classes for the above-mentioned subjects are conducted in the form of three to five-month school blocks.
Training Contents
During the training, apprentices will learn about the various aspects of administration and service desk operations. This begins with accompanying the service desk in the first year of training.
The following tasks are carried out during this period:
Setting up and swapping hardware
Providing telephone support and ticket management
Provisioning hardware
Setting up workstations
Creating AD accounts

Starting from the second year of training, apprentices will learn about the infrastructure department and can independently handle tasks based on their accumulated knowledge.
The following tasks are carried out during this period:
Setting up and cabling servers
Troubleshooting server issues
Independently managing small projects
Conducting server room inspections
Documenting errors

In the final year of training, apprentices will learn about the administrative Linux environment.
Tasks include:
Administering Linux systems
Working on projects
In a 4-week rotation, apprentices will also visit the infrastructure department, with Philipp Strickfaden being the contact person.

Vocational School:
August-Griese Vocational College in Löhne
Main subjects:
Information and communication systems
Network technology
Business and operational processes
Secondary subjects:
German and communication
Classes for the above-mentioned subjects are held once or twice a week on a rotating half-yearly basis.
In der Ausbildung hat man die Möglichkeit, die verschiedenen Bereiche und Teams der IT kennenzulernen. Man wird an die technischen Prozesse, die benötigten Tools und notwendige Programmiersprachen herangeführt und in die Projekte/Tickets mit eingebunden. Man könnte sagen, so wie der Schulinhalt an Komplexität gewinnt, so geht das auch mit den Tickets. Erst fängt man klein an, bis man selbständig an größeren Tickets arbeiten kann.
August-Griese-Berufskolleg Löhne
Informations- und Telekommunikationssysteme
Wirtschafts- und Geschäftsprozesse
Deutsch und Kommunikation
Der Unterricht in den oben genannten Fächern findet für uns ein oder zweimal (halbjährlich abwechselnd) wöchentlich statt.

Our study programs

In collaboration with renowned universities of applied sciences, we offer you the most important key study programs that will enable you to start a successful career in the logistics industry.
Practical Contents
Getting to know the various departments at the headquarters
Visiting the HUB in Löhne and a depot location
Assignments in different departments, tailored to the study program’s content

Study Contents HSBI Bielefeld
Mathematics, Statistics, Accounting
Marketing, Management Skills
Human Resources, Business Law
Business Informatics
Production and Logistics

In the fifth semester, individual focuses can be set in elective modules.
Controlling, Finance, and Accounting
Human Resources and Organization
Production and Logistics
Taxation and Corporate Auditing
International Business Management
The study program offers a 13-week alternating pattern of theoretical learning at Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences and practical experience at the HES headquarters.
Practical Contents
Getting to know the various departments at the headquarters
Visiting the HUB in Löhne and a depot location
Practical assignments specifically in the field of logistics and quality

Study Contents FHDW Bielefeld
Business Administration, Business Informatics, Accounting
Business Mathematics, Business Law, Business Statistics
Marketing, Project Management
Micro and Macro Logistics, Global Sourcing
Distribution, Service, and Disposal Logistics
The study program follows a 3-month alternating pattern between theory at FHDW and practical experience at the HES headquarters.

In practice-integrated studies, the alternating between theory and practical phases is the optimal combination of learning and application in the workplace.

I chose HES because I was warmly welcomed from the very beginning. There is an extremely pleasant and friendly atmosphere where you feel comfortable. If you ever get stuck, there is always someone ready to help.

At HES, I was embraced and integrated into the team right from the start. With the opportunity to actively shape my training, I can delve into the areas that inspire me.

Advantages & benefits

We offer our apprentices and students a variety of attractive benefits, including company pension schemes, health management programs, attractive employee discounts at OTTO, a job bike program, affordable and diverse lunch options in our cafeteria, and much more. It is worth growing together with us.

Application process

Have you found a vocational training program or a study program that interests you? Then we look forward to receiving your meaningful application. And what happens next? Here you will find all the details about the application process. If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us personally.

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