Digital Upgrade for Logistics

In the world of logistics, this collaboration can revolutionize your delivery processes. In a time where e-commerce dominates the retail landscape and customers have high demands for delivery speed, we have developed an innovative solution in collaboration with IWOfurn that not only shortens your delivery times but also strengthens customer loyalty.

By integrating cross-docking into brick-and-mortar and online retail, we enable you to deliver goods directly from the manufacturer to the end customer without going through the retailer. This reduces transportation routes and intermediate stops, leading to a significant reduction in delivery time.

Our collaboration combines individual strengths and expertise to significantly influence the dynamics in digital logistics processing. With digital document exchange via the IWOfurn platform, orders, order confirmations, delivery notifications, and invoices are efficiently exchanged. This results in several benefits for your company:

Shortened delivery times:
Direct delivery from the manufacturer to the end customer.

Increased customer loyalty:
Through the convenient Hermes 2-person handling.

Reduction of errors:
High-quality digital information minimizes errors in the ordering and delivery process.

Decreased claim rate:
Fewer damages due to minimized handling and storage.

Automatic creation of shipping labels:
Increased efficiency through EDI.

Expansion of market opportunities:
Delivery in Germany and neighboring countries with 2-person teams.

In addition to our services, we provide additional convenience to the end customer.

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