Hermes Home Delivery Service is positioning itself for the future

The Hermes Home Delivery Service (HES) is responding to current economic challenges and structurally positioning itself for the future. The logistics expert is aiming to operate even more efficiently with various measures and to further reduce complexity along the supply chain. This affects both the operational areas and the management structure of the company.

HES is streamlining its organizational structures to account for the still tense economic situation. During the Corona boom years, the logistics expert had increased capacities according to market conditions and initiated comprehensive investments in the IT infrastructure. As part of the ongoing decline in consumption, HES is reducing the depot structure to an optimal size of about 50 depots, which allows the current demand to be met at the usual high level of service. Investments in digitalization are also having an effect, so that the associated process optimizations can save administrative resources and trading partners can benefit from the optimized IT infrastructure in terms of automated data exchange.

Even with an optimized organizational structure, HES is positioning itself for future challenges. In order to act even faster and more flexibly in the interest of customers, responsibilities in the management have changed in some areas.

Carsten Meinders continues to be responsible for the areas of “Finance”, “Legal & Compliance”, “Sales”, and “Customer Service & Marketing”, but also takes over responsibility for the area of “HUB & Transport”. This measure strengthens proximity to sales and enables even closer and more efficient cooperation with the clients of Hermes Home Delivery Service.

Viviane Reichert-Brown continues to be responsible for the international orientation of HES as well as Corporate Responsibility and “People & Organizational Development” in order to position HES agilely and flexibly for the future. In the future, the units “Product Management & Central Services” will be added. In particular, the work culture is to strengthen the attractiveness as an employer with modern leadership principles and a sense of innovation in order to continue to attract the best specialists for HES.

Michael Dildey continues to be responsible for the backbone of the organization with the areas of “Last Mile”, “IT”, and “Logistics Planning & Projects”.

These measures ensure that the company can continue to respond quickly to changing requirements, as the management explains in Löhne: “We see these changes as an opportunity to continue to be successful as a market leader in our segment in the future. Our primary goal is to best meet the needs of our clients and their end customers, thereby securing our market position.”

With this strategic reorientation and the measures that are now taking effect, the Hermes Home Delivery Service is well-equipped to powerfully meet the upcoming challenges and to continue to be the strongest logistics partner in the area of large items, especially furniture and large appliances.

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