Our logistics process in 2-man handling

The sophisticated logistics process of Hermes Einrichtungs Service guarantees the reliable and fast delivery of your goods to the end customer: from pre-carriage (first mile) or cross-docking to on-time delivery free point of use (last mile).

As a customer, you can keep track of your shipping orders at all times with the PORT business customer portal. Find out all the details of our smooth collaboration for successful logistics and maximum customer satisfaction below.

First Mile (Day -1): Pre-carriage transportation

We provide you with swap bodies at your warehouse location or directly from the manufacturer (Dropshipping) swap body trailers, which you or the manufacturer load. We take over the pre-carriage at the agreed time, collect the goods, transport them to the relevant goods distribution center (HUB) and feed the goods into our logistics process.

Cross-docking (self-delivery)

As an alternative to pre-carriage, you (or your suppliers) can arrange transport to the respective goods distribution center (HUB) in Löhne, Ansbach or Poznan/Poland. We take over the goods there and feed them into our logistics process. The latest delivery time for same-day onward transportation is 12:00 noon.

Handling in the HUB locations (Day 0)

Once they arrive at our HUB locations in Löhne (D), Ansbach (D) or Mosina (PL), the flows of goods are collected, sorted and reloaded. At the main German transshipment base in Löhne, up to 6,000 m3 of goods are distributed daily via 180 hall gates to the target delivery depots over an area of 12,000 m2. Ansbach has an area of 15,000 m2 and around 170 hall doors. Box and upholstered furniture from Eastern European furniture suppliers is delivered to the HUB in Mosina (near Poznan/PL) (approx. 500,000 m3 goods turnover/year).

Middle Mile (Day 0-1)

Deliveries are bundled at the HUBs, distributed across the depot network (in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland) and forwarded directly to the HES depots (over 50 in Germany alone) for delivery to end customers. This offers important advantages in terms of transportation and return costs as well as improved flexibility and transparency in the flow of goods. This significantly reduces the transit time between the manufacturer and the end customer.

Tour planning (Day 1-3)

As standard, we notify your customers of the delivery date for one of three time windows on the weekdays Monday to Friday. Notifications are sent by telephone, SMS and e-mail. If the date doesn’t suit your customers, they can simply select a new preferred date via myHES.de or reschedule it easily by calling the relevant delivery depot. Optionally, deliveries can be made in the evening time slot or on Saturdays on request. Goods are distributed to the delivery tours on the basis of the agreed delivery dates.

Last Mile (Day 1-5): Delivery

The goods are delivered on time to your end customers on the “last mile” from over 50 destination delivery depots across Germany. The delivery status can be viewed and tracked live via the myHES customer portal and the PORT client portal. One hour before delivery, the 2-man team announces its arrival by telephone. Delivery is free to the point of use, i.e. to the home or to the selected socket. Additional services, such as assembly and installation, can make things even more convenient for your customers.

If required: Repair / after-sales service

You can also commission the HES to carry out small repairs – this can often avoid returns in the event of minor damage. The range of services includes furniture repairs, replacement parts, carpentry, painting and staining work, upholstery repairs and cleaning. We prepare complaint and damage appraisals for you. Depending on the scope, the repair service takes place either directly at the customer’s premises or in the fully equipped furniture workshops at the depot locations.

If required: returns management

In the event of a necessary return, we offer your customers convenient, fast processing through notification by phone, SMS and e-mail with a time window, live tracking and a call one hour before collection. Transparency is guaranteed on myHES.de. Optional return packaging is available for unpacked items. You can track the status of the return in our customer portal PORT. Returns are bundled in the Löhne returns warehouse, assessed by experienced specialist staff and either returned or recycled.

Well-established processes that you can rely on.

Hermes Einrichtungs Service delivers nationwide – and thanks to its large 2-man handling network, also to many European countries. Our expert customer service staff at all HUBs and depots as well as our dedicated teams of two do everything they can every day to provide your customers with a positive delivery experience in addition to the goods. The high level of customer satisfaction is ensured by continuous quality assurance and is reflected in independently collected, excellent NPS ratings.

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