Dropshipping – the logistics solution for industry and commerce

Full ramps, limited storage and delivery capacities, and long lead times can make business challenging for retailers and manufacturers. Solve such logistics problems easily with dropshipping from Hermes Installation Service. We have many renowned references and the highest customer satisfaction in both brick-and-mortar retail and e-commerce. On this page, you will learn more about this interesting logistics solution. In a personal conversation, we will be happy to explain further details and all the benefits – contact us!

It often happens that it takes a long time for an ordered piece of furniture or a washing machine to arrive at the customer’s home. In addition to long delivery routes and bottlenecks in the trade, there are other causes and challenges.

The direct shipping option from Hermes Installation Service offers an ideal solution here. In this approach, the ordered goods are delivered directly from the producer to the end customer by us, without the detour through the selling retailer. However, the retailer still has full transparency over the entire logistics process and can contact the customer until the delivery date is agreed upon.

The goods are introduced into our hub in Mosina, Poland, or our German hub locations in Löhne or Ansbach, our reliable and efficient cross-docking centers for your goods. Here, we ensure that your delivery is quickly and safely integrated into our logistics process. From our German hub locations, the delivery to the end customer usually takes 3-5 working days. From the hub in Poland, the delivery time is approximately 10 days.

On behalf of the retailer, we take care of the direct delivery to the end customer. As specialists in 2-man handling, we deliver the goods directly to the customer’s living spaces and offer additional services such as furniture assembly, appliance installation, and disposal.

The many advantages of dropshipping with HES

+ Acceleration of the overall delivery time of consignment goods by several weeks is possible + No minimum order quantities from the manufacturer + No waiting time for the manufacturer’s delivery tour + Relief of own storage and delivery capacities (full ramps, driver shortage, etc.) + Avoidance of unprofitable routes outside the core delivery area of your own retail business + Logistics solution for supplying customers beyond the local area (holiday purchases, online purchases) in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the Netherlands + Full-service logistics from the start of an online shop (from 1,000 shipments per year)

Reliable Delivery and Service Quality You Can Depend On

Our commitment goes far beyond simply delivering furniture, large appliances, and bulky goods. Our trained and highly skilled customer service staff at all locations, along with our dedicated two-person teams, strive every day to bring not only products but above all a positive delivery experience to your customers – up to 25,000 times a day in total. Our focus is clearly on customer satisfaction, which is ensured through continuous quality assurance. The result can be seen in independently collected, excellent NPS ratings.

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