Logistics solutions for garden furniture

Delight your customers with first-class, professional performance and comprehensive service for the delivery of garden furniture, sun protection and more: with 2-man handling from the market leader Hermes Einrichtungs Service.

2-man handling for outdoor furniture

Hermes Einrichtungs Service offers customized shipping solutions for shipments of as little as 1,000 items per year – with assembly on request. Combine our service modules individually according to your requirements and the wishes of your customers.


Hours of sunshine per year in Germany

Garden furniture delivery with sunshine guarantee

Spring and summer are peak season for garden furniture, round pools, sun protection and other equipment for gardens, roof terraces and balconies. For many manufacturers, retailers and online stores, it is a relatively short seasonal business in which everything should run smoothly and to the best satisfaction of the end customers supplied.

It’s good to have a strong, reliable logistics partner like Hermes Einrichtungs Service at your side, who delivers quickly and punctually – and also assembles, installs and delights customers.

With the first rays of sunshine and warmer temperatures, many people can’t wait to get their garden, balcony or (roof) terrace ready for spring. Finally, breakfast, lunch and dinner can be enjoyed outdoors again. New outdoor seating groups, garden chairs and comfortable rattan lounge furniture are quickly purchased or ordered from the online store – and speedy delivery is expected. The children are looking forward to the new climbing frame and the large round pool, the mother to the long-awaited beach chair.

On behalf of manufacturers and retailers, Hermes Einrichtungs Service delivers almost everything that makes being outdoors even more comfortable and beautiful. This includes garden furniture of all kinds as well as awnings, parasols, sandboxes, round pools, tool sheds and sauna houses. Please contact us – we will find the right logistics solution for almost anything.

Your customers rightly expect their high-quality garden furniture to be delivered safely and undamaged to the place of use, preferably with an on-site assembly service. We do it all – you’ve come to the right place! For over 50 years, we have been taking care of shipping for OTTO as well as for manufacturers of garden furniture and for many nationally and internationally renowned furniture chains, DIY stores and online stores.

Our 2-man handling teams coordinate with customers to ensure fast, reliable and convenient delivery to the desired destination.

Premium services for maximum customer satisfaction

Our services also make a big difference in the garden furniture and sun protection sector: between a simple furniture delivery and a first-class customer experience with real added value. You can combine our service modules individually according to your requirements and the wishes of your customers. Whatever heavy or large items we transport to your customers’ gardens or balconies – we can promise you one thing: We deliver enthusiasm.
Within 5 working days from HUB Löhne or HUB Ansbach, your customers will receive garden furniture, sun protection, beach chairs and much more with the 2-man handling of the Hermes furnishing service free to the point of use – whether in the garden or on the roof terrace on the 5th floor.
As standard, we notify your customers of the delivery date for one of three time windows.
These are Monday to Friday from 7-11 am, 10 am to 2 pm or 1 pm to 6 pm.
The notification is made by telephone, SMS and e-mail.
If the delivery date does not suit your customers, they can simply select a new preferred date via myHES.de or easily reschedule it over the phone with the delivery depot responsible.
There is also the option of delivery in the evening time slot.
Our customer portal myHES offers your customers access to all the information they need at any time. Here they can view the delivery status of their consignment and, if necessary, change their details and the delivery date. If they have any questions, our chatbot “Hermine” and our Customer Service team at the relevant delivery depot will be happy to help.
On the day of delivery, your customers are informed in real time about the delivery status of their shipment. Based on the GPS control and route planning software, which ensures environmentally and cost-efficient routes for each tour, the Hermes Einrichtungs Service offers the recipient of the goods a map view of the delivery area with a display of the HES vehicle and a detailed announcement of the route and the expected delivery time (arrival forecast).
Your customers will receive an individual link by e-mail, which they can use to access the geographic tracking of their order online and be informed about the delivery status in real time. The delivery time is narrowed down to 10 minutes.
The two-man delivery team will call your customers one hour before delivery to announce the time of arrival of the goods. This gives your customers enough time to make any final preparations. For example, to drive home from work in time to receive the delivery.
If your customers forget their appointment or are unable to attend, that’s no problem either. We will make up to 3 delivery attempts with renewed notification in advance – at no additional cost.
Environmental protection concerns us all. That’s why we offer your customers a convenient and sustainable solution: our delivery teams remove all the packaging material and take it back with them. For furniture, depending on the manufacturer or retailer, this often involves huge quantities of cardboard and film to ensure that everything is well protected during transportation. These different packaging materials are disposed of professionally and in an environmentally friendly manner at our locations or sent for recycling.

Offer your customers even more: our top special services!

In addition to the Premium Services mentioned above, we offer a wide range of special services. Delight your customers by providing additional services – also to set yourself apart from the competition. Our service add-ons are guaranteed to increase customer satisfaction and enable you to build lasting relationships with your customers.
For particularly heavy goods, we offer you the option of using teams of four. Let’s talk about the size or weight at which this is necessary or advisable.

We can also deliver even faster, after work or at the weekend.

The following options are available:

  • Premium Service: speeds up delivery to 3.5 working days.
  • Speed On Service: within 1.8 working days.
  • Late Delivery: Offer your customers delivery in a late time window between 6pm and 9pm, perfect for most working people.
  • Saturday service: We also deliver at the weekend on request.

As you can see, we offer you the fastest delivery times in 2-man handling and have the right options for every customer request.

Your customers can easily take advantage of simple e-payment with HES Pay before or on delivery. Our partner FinTecSystems takes care of payment processing reliably and securely by direct bank transfer.
Alternatively, cash on delivery is also possible.

Our highly trained customer service teams assemble garden furniture directly in the garden of your customers, on the balcony or on the roof terrace. With years of experience and extensive know-how in the assembly of all types of furniture, our employees assemble the furniture safely and properly. Whether it’s flat packs that require complex assembly or custom-made pieces of furniture that are difficult to move or need to be carefully assembled, our experts carry out the assembly professionally, quickly, cleanly and efficiently.

Our 2-man teams ensure that old furniture is taken away and recycled professionally. In this way, we relieve your customers and at the same time ensure professional and environmentally friendly disposal.
The Hermes Einrichtungs Service specialists are full professionals in their field and can often avoid returns due to minor damage. In addition to furniture repairs by replacing spare parts, this also includes joinery repairs, for example, when it comes to repairing damaged wood, restoring defective fittings or repainting or staining wooden surfaces. The range of repair services also includes upholstery work and repairs, such as repairing torn seams, making minor corrections with upholstery adhesive, replacing upholstery material or renewing upholstery filling. We also offer thorough upholstery cleaning to remove stains and soiling.
The repair service can be carried out either directly at the customer’s premises (on-site service) or in the fully equipped furniture workshops with specialized employees at each depot location. It goes without saying that we will provide you with complaint and damage reports. For retailers, these professional repairs often avoid significantly more expensive returns.
Our returns process offers your customers convenient and fast processing through notification by phone, SMS and email with a time window, live tracking and a call one hour before collection. Transparency is guaranteed on myHES.de, optional returns packaging is available for unpacked items. Returns are bundled in the returns warehouse in Löhne, assessed by experienced specialists and either returned or recycled.

Your HES benefits at a glance

  • Market leader in 2-man handling in Germany
  • 50 years of experience in end customer delivery
  • Online appointment booking and GPS shipment tracking
  • Free delivery to point of use
  • Fastest delivery times
  • Wide range of convenient delivery options
  • Assembly of garden furniture and sun protection
  • Disposal of packaging and old furniture
  • Largest 2-man handling network in Europe
  • Customer-friendly returns management

Over 50 years of experience and expertise

As the market leader, we are proud to have established ourselves as a trustworthy partner for furniture transportation. You can rely on us to handle your furniture with the utmost care and deliver it safely to its destination. And in the end, we will delight you as our client just as much as your end customers. We promise! Take the next step and let Hermes Einrichtungs Service become your partner for reliable and professional furniture transportation with 2-man handling. Contact us today to find out more about our services.

Dropshipping & shipping abroad

On behalf of numerous furniture retailers, we also organize direct transport from the manufacturer to the end customer. In this way, we shorten overall delivery times, relieve the burden on retailers’ storage and transport capacities and avoid potentially unprofitable trips outside of a brick-and-mortar retailer’s main delivery area. The Hermes furnishing service offers deliveries throughout Germany and also to many other European countries.

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