Logistics solutions for large electrical appliances

With the 2-person handling service of market leader Hermes Einrichtungs Service, you can deliver washing machines, dishwashers, and other household appliances right to the power outlet – and offer your customers many additional service options beyond that.

2-person handling for white goods

Hermes Einrichtungs Service offers individual shipping solutions for manufacturers or retailers starting from 1,000 shipments per year. Combine the service modules that meet your requirements and the preferences of your customers.

We deliver right to the power outlet.

When delivering major appliances, our 2-person teams not only take a particularly heavy burden off you and your customers but also provide them with a comprehensive service. The Hermes Einrichtungs Service ensures a first-class delivery experience for your customers – right to the place of use within their living spaces, including installation, disposal of packaging materials, and removal of old appliances.

When it comes to delivering washing machines, dishwashers, and refrigerators, customers at electrical retailers and electronics stores often need prompt service. Old appliances can suddenly break down and need to be replaced as soon as possible. And of course, most end customers are not familiar with properly connecting washing machines and dishwashers to ensure everything runs smoothly. They expect a reliable installation service they can rely on.

The Hermes Einrichtungs Service takes care of all these requirements – quickly and professionally. We have extensive experience with major appliances. We’ve been doing it for over 50 years – for OTTO as well as many nationally and regionally recognized electrical retailers and online stores.

Shipping large appliances such as washing machines, electric stoves, and refrigerators presents a number of challenges that require careful planning and specialized logistics. The dimensions and weight of these appliances make them susceptible to damage during shipping. In addition, different models require specific packaging requirements to protect sensitive parts from vibrations and impacts. On-site installation can also be complex, as it requires not only expertise but also suitable tools. Efficient logistics and a reliable partner like us are crucial to meet delivery deadlines and ensure that the appliances arrive in perfect condition at the end customer’s location.


Premium services for utmost customer satisfaction

Customize our modular services according to your requirements and the preferences of your customers. You will quickly realize that premium is our standard. The services of Hermes Einrichtungs Service not only make the delivery of major appliances effortless for you as a client but also create an outstanding customer experience with real added value for your customers. We deliver quickly, we deliver reliably, and we ensure that everything runs smoothly. In short, we deliver enthusiasm.
Within 5 working days from the Löhne or Ansbach HUB, your customers will receive their major appliances with 2-person handling from Hermes Einrichtungs Service, delivered to the place of use – whether it’s transporting the washing machine to the basement or to the 5th floor.
As standard, we notify your customers of the delivery date within one of three time windows. These time windows are Monday to Friday, from 7 am to 11 am, 10 am to 2 pm, or 1 pm to 6 pm. Notification is sent via phone, SMS, and email.
If the scheduled delivery date is not convenient for your customers, they can easily select a new preferred date through myHES.de or contact the respective delivery depot to reschedule the delivery.
Additionally, delivery is optionally available in the evening time window.
Our customer portal myHES provides your customers with access to all the information they need. Here, they can view the delivery status of their shipment and, if necessary, update their data or change the delivery date. If they have any questions, our chatbot “Hermine” and our customer service team at the respective delivery depot are ready to assist them.
On the day of delivery, your customers will be notified in real-time about the status of their shipment. Based on GPS tracking and tour planning software that ensures environmentally and cost-efficient routes for each tour, the Hermes Einrichtungs Service provides the recipient with a map view of the delivery area, showing the HES vehicle and detailed information about the tour progress and estimated delivery time (arrival forecast). Your customers will receive an individual link via email, which allows them to access the geographical tracking of their order online and receive real-time updates on the delivery status. The delivery time is narrowed down to a precise 10-minute window.
The 2-person delivery team will contact your customers by phone one hour before the delivery to announce the arrival time of the goods. This allows your customers to make any necessary preparations, such as leaving work on time to be at home to receive the delivery.
If your customers happen to forget the scheduled delivery or are unable to receive it, there’s no need to worry. We make up to 3 delivery attempts with prior notification – at no additional cost.
Environmental protection is a concern for all of us. That’s why we offer your customers a convenient and sustainable solution: Our delivery teams will remove all packaging materials and take them away. For major household appliances, this often includes large quantities of styrofoam, films, and transportation aids to ensure everything is well protected during transportation. These various packaging materials are disposed of properly and environmentally friendly at our locations or sent for recycling.

We offer even more to your customers: our top special services!

Customer experience and satisfaction go beyond the mere purchase of a product nowadays. In addition to the premium services mentioned above, we offer a wide range of additional bookable special services. Our comprehensive service portfolio for major appliances aims to delight your customers, strengthen customer loyalty, and give you a competitive advantage. Get to know our service add-ons below.
For particularly heavy goods, we offer you the option to utilize a four-person team. Let’s discuss at what size or weight this becomes necessary or advisable.

We can also deliver even faster, after work hours, or on weekends.


The following options are available:

  • Premium Service: Accelerates delivery to 3.5 working days.
  • Speed On Service: Within 1.8 working days.
  • Late Delivery / After-Hours Delivery: Offer your customers delivery in a late time window between 6-9 pm, perfect for most working individuals.
  • Saturday Service: Upon request, we also deliver on weekends.

As you can see, we offer you the fastest delivery times in 2-man handling and have the appropriate options for every customer request.

The trained experts from Hermes Installation Service, with years of experience in installing large electrical appliances, guarantee a professional, fast, and efficient implementation. From connecting and installing electric stoves with high voltage to connecting washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers to power, water, and wastewater lines. We ensure that your appliances function safely and everything runs as it should.
Your customers can easily take advantage of the benefits of simple e-payment with HES Pay before or upon delivery. Our partner FinTecSystems reliably and securely handles payment processing through direct transfer.
 Alternatively, cash on delivery is also possible for payment upon delivery.
Disposing of old washing machines and ovens can be a challenging task for your customers. But for us, it’s part of the service. Our 2-man teams ensure the proper removal and recycling of electrical waste. This not only relieves your customers of the burden but also ensures responsible and environmentally friendly disposal.
Our returns process offers your customers a convenient and fast handling through notification via phone, SMS, and email with time slots, live tracking, and a call one hour before pickup. Transparency is ensured on myHES.de, optional return packaging is available for unpacked items. Returns are consolidated at our returns warehouse in Löhne, evaluated by experienced staff, and either returned or recycled.

Your HES advantages at a glance:

  • Market leader in 2-man handling in Germany
  • 50 years of experience in end customer delivery
  • Online appointment booking and GPS live tracking
  • Delivery to the place of use
  • Fastest delivery times
  • Diverse and convenient delivery options
  • Installation of all large electrical appliances
  • Disposal of packaging and old appliances
  • Largest 2-man handling network in Europe
  • Customer-friendly returns management

Over 50 years of experience and expertise

As the market leader, we are proud to have established ourselves as a trusted partner for the transportation of large electrical appliances. You can rely on us to handle your electrical appliances with the utmost care and deliver them safely to their destination. And in the end, we will delight you as our client just as much as your end customers. We promise! Take the next step and let Hermes Installation Service be your partner for reliable and professional transportation in 2-man handling. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Top services also for dropshipping and shipping abroad

Im Auftrag vieler Elektrofachhändler übernehmen wir auch die direkte Auslieferung vom Hersteller bis zum Endkunden. Das beschleunigt die Gesamtlieferzeit, entlastet die Lager- und Lieferkapazitäten der Händler und vermeidet möglicherweise auch unrentable Touren außerhalb des Kernliefergebietes eines Händlers. Der Hermes Einrichtungs Service liefert bundesweit – oder auch in viele andere Länder. Unser großes 2-Mann-Handling-Netzwerk in Europa macht es möglich – bei gleichbleibendem Service und immer mit unserem besonderen Kundenversprechen: Wir liefern Begeisterung.

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