Strong partners in Europe’s large 2-man handling network.

Hermes Einrichtungs Service (HES) offers an efficient solution for your international logistics requirements in e-commerce. Our client portal PORT is your gateway to the key e-commerce markets in Central Europe, enabled through a single interface. Our network is built with flexibility, incorporating national and international entry points to ensure swift processing of your shipments for all your cross-border challenges.

Together with our European partners, we provide you with the combined expertise of leading 2-man handling specialists. Through standardized processes in each country and seamless collaboration, we guarantee reliable, efficient logistics management and consistent customer experiences, regardless of the destination. We are prepared to handle market fluctuations and offer solutions that can compensate for potential volatility effects.

As an extensive European network, we prioritize stability and punctuality to ensure the safe arrival of your shipments. We make complex logistics processes manageable and ensure the security of your goods, no matter where they go. This enables businesses to achieve sustainable success in a dynamic market environment.


2-man handling to France & Belgium

In one of the largest European B2C markets, HES has a strong partner in Agediss for furniture and large appliance delivery with extensive service offerings.

  • Shipping to France with our partner Agediss
  • Entry points via HUB Löhne/NRW and HUB Ansbach/Bavaria
  • Weekly traffic from Löhne and Ansbach
  • Transit time: 5 to 8 working days from depot receipt

2-man handling to the Netherlands

HES, in collaboration with its Dutch partner TSN Groen, offers a service-oriented delivery of furniture, washing machines, and other heavy goods to end customers in the Netherlands.

  • Shipping to the Netherlands with our partner XYZ
  • Entry point via HUB Löhne/NRW
  • Weekly traffic from Löhne
  • Transit time: 2 to 6 working days from depot receipt

2-man handling to Austria

Gebrüder Weiss is the oldest transport and logistics company in Austria, bringing extensive expertise in collaboration with HES to the Austrian market.

  • Shipping to Austria with our partner Gebrüder Weiss
  • Entry points via HUB Löhne/NRW and HUB Ansbach/Bavaria
  • Daily traffic from Löhne and Ansbach
  • Transit time: 3 to 5 working days from depot receipt

2-man handling to Switzerland

Deliveries to end customers, including on-site services, are possible in Switzerland with customs clearance at the depot or customs clearance can also be handled by our partner. HES collaborates with partner Sieber in Switzerland. + Shipping to Switzerland with our partner Sieber + Entry point for cleared goods at the depot in Pratteln + Customs clearance and pre-carriage possible through the logistics partner + Transit time: 6 working days from depot receipt

Delivery and service quality you can rely on.

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond simply delivering furniture, large appliances, and bulky goods. Our trained and highly skilled customer service staff at all locations, along with our dedicated two-person teams, work tirelessly every day to not only deliver products but also provide a positive delivery experience to your customers – up to 25,000 times a day in total. Our focus is clearly on customer satisfaction, which is ensured through continuous quality assurance. The result is reflected in independently collected excellent NPS ratings.

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