New Leadership – for an inspiring future

We are not only committed to excellent work but also to the well-being and development of our employees. Everyone should be able to unleash their individual and diverse potentials. Learn more about how we, as a company, take responsibility, support our employees, and provide an inspiring work environment. Let our values and diverse benefits convince – or rather, inspire – you.

The working world is undergoing significant changes. Technological advancements, demographic shifts, and unforeseen events require us as a company to be more flexible and agile. We need to be able to respond quickly to changes and, where possible, anticipate them.

Due to a shortage of skilled workers, we find ourselves in an employee-driven market. Today, employees have different expectations of their employers and leaders than they did a few years ago. Autonomy, participation, and purpose are more important than ever.

This calls for a different style of leadership and collaboration, self-management and self-organization within teams, delegation of decisions, and new skills.

At Hermes Einrichtungs Service, we aim to be an attractive employer and provide our employees with an environment in which they can unfold and utilize their talents to the fullest.

Our New Leadership approach promotes a corporate culture in which:


  • The skills, competencies, and motivation of the team are optimally utilized.
  • Leaders empower and coach their employees.
  • Employees are allowed to work and make decisions autonomously and independently.
  • We implement modern leadership concepts.
  • We live our values at all levels.
  • We have high employee satisfaction and engagement.
  • An engaged working atmosphere is perceived.

Benefits for your work-life balance

As part of our team, you will benefit from a variety of attractive benefits that go beyond a great team and a modern workplace. Discover all the benefits at a glance that support you in achieving your career goals and leading a balanced life.
You have the option of a company pension plan in the form of deferred compensation via HDV. Part of your gross income is transferred to a company pension scheme. You benefit from tax advantages and pay fewer social security contributions.

This includes, for example, VDU glasses, preventive medical check-ups, vaccinations and much more. A good OHM is based on a healthy balance between behavioral prevention (individual skills) and situational prevention (workplace and working conditions).

In Otto’s Corporate Benefits portal you will find many great discounts, e.g. for travel, concert tickets or discounts at many online stores.

The job ticket is subsidized by HES. So you can get from A to B conveniently at any time at work and, of course, in your free time.
You have the option of purchasing your personalized JobRad – with or without electric drive – from HES. HES leases the JobRad for you. You ride it whenever you want: to work, in everyday life, on vacation or for sports. The monthly installments are automatically deducted from your gross salary.
Flexible working hours allow you to adapt your work to your individual needs and thus promote a better work-life balance.
You have access to free coffee and coffee specialties, tea and water at the locations.
The home and mobile office offers the flexibility to work from home or on the move. Adapted to the needs of employees and the requirements of their daily work, this enables a better work-life balance.

Subsidized canteen – HES subsidizes every meal sold so that lunch prices can remain affordable
Built in 2016, the central building was constructed according to the latest standards – DGNB Gold. 
The modern and fully equipped offices offer effective noise protection, which promotes concentration and productivity. In addition, high-quality ventilation and humidification systems ensure a pleasant working environment and good air quality. Ergonomic aids such as height-adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs help employees to work healthily and comfortably. In the New Work Areas, everyone can find their own space for creative work.
The free fruit is not only good for employees. This is rescued fruit and vegetables that were not accepted by supermarkets due to damage to the boxes, late delivery or individual minor blemishes and would therefore end up in the bin.
After 3 months of employment you will receive a discount on many purchases within the Otto Group.
Every employee who spends at least 8 hours a year volunteering for a non-profit organization (NPO) or a voluntary club or association in their free time can look forward to an additional day’s vacation per year.
Private risk provision is also possible with HES. The employer subsidizes capital-forming benefits after one year of employment.
In addition to the Otto Group’s training initiatives, there are many opportunities for individual further training, both professional and personal. For us, lifelong learning is an important factor for a successful future and development.
It is possible to participate in the company by subscribing to OTTO profit participation rights. In order to allow you to participate in the success of the OTTO Group, OTTO issues profit participation rights once a year. Holders of profit participation certificates are guaranteed an annual distribution from the balance sheet profit.

Whether at the head office or working from home, it is clear that everyone at HES is highly committed to continuously improving ourselves and is very enthusiastic about their work.

I am lucky to work for an exceptional employer who gives me the opportunity to express my thoughts and ideas openly.

The cooperation with colleagues and the openness of the HES management convey a consistently positive feeling that makes me happy to work for HES.

The flexible organization of working hours and location helps me to stay balanced at work. I can concentrate better on my tasks and also find time for personal matters.

I am delighted to be part of the HES family! We are a great company and have no reason to hide.

The effective cooperation between the many different departments shows how well we work together.

It is encouraging to know that we as HES can and want to maintain our agility and adapt quickly to new challenges.

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Gerrit Heerdt
Head of HR Services
Hermes Einrichtungs Service

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