Great service for large shipments

Offer your customers enhanced service when delivering furniture, washing machines, large televisions, or sports equipment. With the 2-man handling of Hermes Einrichtungs Service, you will impress your customers with top-notch, professional performance.

2-man handling
Tailor-made logistics solutions

Starting from 1,000 shipments per year, Hermes Einrichtungs Service offers individual shipping solutions for manufacturers or retailers. Combine the performance modules that meet your requirements and the preferences of your customers.

Shipping solutions for furniture retailers
We do not serve private senders.

Please note that we do not accept orders from private individuals. Please contact a local shipping company for assistance. As a private customer, you can find a suitable freight forwarder for your large shipment by following the link provided.

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Deliveries per year

Perfect shipping solutions for all requirements

Hermes Einrichtungs Service (HES) offers individually tailored shipping solutions in 2-man handling for manufacturers, retail chains, and online retailers of furniture, large electrical appliances, sports equipment, and even solar systems (balcony power plants), starting from 1,000 shipments per year. We provide comprehensive logistics and customer service not only to high-volume senders but also to smaller senders who want to offer nationwide 2-man service to their customers during the start-up phase of their shop or for irregular needs – without compromising on quality or scope of service.

Choose your product category below and discover all the details about our extensive service offering for your customers: from punctual delivery by 2-man teams, assembly and installation, to returns management. Benefit from over 50 years of experience in delivering large and sensitive goods to end customers. Our customer promise “We deliver enthusiasm” is our daily motivation to provide outstanding service to your customers.


Do you prefer dropshipping or shipping abroad?

Full ramps, capacity shortages, and long transit times often make business difficult for retailers and manufacturers. Dropshipping can be a very good logistics solution in such cases, and Hermes Einrichtungs Service is happy to support you.

Another topic is often deliveries abroad. In this regard, we can also lend a helpful hand with the largest 2-man handling network in Europe. Please take a look at the following pages for more information or contact us!

Delivery and service quality you can rely on.

Our commitment goes far beyond simply delivering furniture, large appliances, and bulky goods. Our trained and highly skilled customer service staff at all locations, as well as our dedicated two-person teams, strive every day to not only deliver products but also provide a positive delivery experience to your customers – up to 25,000 times a day in total. Our focus is clearly on customer satisfaction, which is ensured through continuous quality assurance. The result can be seen in independently collected excellent NPS ratings.

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