Cultural change: the courage to change

From the very beginning, the guiding principle of “Courage for Change” has shaped the cultural transformation 4.0 of the entire Otto Group, to which we belong as part of the Hermes Group. Since 2015, we have consistently questioned our mindset and existing structures to reshape our present and future. In an ongoing process, we collaboratively drive the transformation, independent of hierarchies and roles. This has made us more flexible and agile in responding to disruptive developments such as digitization. It makes us future-ready and strengthens our position in the dynamic business environment.

The cultural transformation particularly affects areas such as work culture, diversity, lifelong learning, and technology, which we will explore in more detail below.
In essence, the cultural transformation is driven by the many people involved. The “Cultural Transformation@HES” – that’s US, all employees! And WE firmly believe that the cultural transformation is important and necessary to lead Hermes Einrichtungs Service towards a successful future. Change is part of our everyday life because every employee is a cultural transformer. The values of the cultural transformation are lived and internalized by us wholeheartedly.

  • We collectively determine what the organization needs.
  • We make the cultural transformation visible.
  • We create space for exchange and networking.
  • We empower the organization to evolve and provide support for self-help.
  • We create tools, formats, and structures to transform the culture.
  • We support departments and teams in finding their own suitable path.
  • We encourage reflection on behaviors.
  • We engage in constant knowledge exchange with other cultural transformation teams within the Otto Group.

Working differently, breaking new ground.

Openness, networking, and exchange shape our collaboration – and taking personal responsibility for greater effectiveness. Leaders act as enablers, empowering teams and creating a trusting environment for individual initiative. We foster collaboration and cross-company knowledge exchange to solve challenges together. We embrace an open culture of learning from mistakes and providing feedback – it drives innovation. Failure is allowed as long as we learn from it. Our agile expert teams are diverse, working together on ideas and implementations – for our customers, for excellent results, and for shared success.

Diversity at HES according to the “Charter of Diversity”

We celebrate the uniqueness of each individual and actively promote diversity. It is our duty to provide space for everyone to unfold and nurture their talents. Everyone finds a place, recognition, and the opportunity to unleash their personal potential with us – regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, social and ethnic background, nationality, or physical and mental abilities. We promote diversity through a company-wide diversity management that organizes conferences, develops support programs, and serves as a point of contact for any questions. Additionally, we support the various networks within the Otto Group.

Lifelong learning

In a rapidly changing world, continuous learning is crucial to effectively meet new challenges. We offer a wide range of training measures for all employees. Digitalization requires new skills and knowledge in increasingly shorter intervals – and therefore, new methods of learning. Our company-wide initiative “TechUcation” offers a mandatory introductory course followed by a selection of online courses that employees can choose from, always with a focus on their own work reality. We continuously update and expand the course offerings to stay up to date with the latest trends.


Our market environment is subject to constant change, especially in the field of digitalization. It requires continuous innovation to meet the evolving needs of our customers. We strive to identify and leverage meaningful technologies. Through experimentation, rapid prototyping, and agile methods, we remain flexible to stay one step ahead of our competitors. Our cultural transformation empowers us to quickly, creatively, and agilely respond to new technological developments – a process that continuously shapes our actions and drives us forward.

We shape the future with our core values

Discover how our value system serves as a guiding framework in our everyday work. Learn more about the significance of diversity and innovation at HES, as well as our corporate responsibility strategy and its connection to cultural transformation.

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