Our value system for more goal-orientation

In autumn 2022, the value system of Hermes Einrichtungs Service was created, developed by employees for employees. It serves as a comprehensive tool for orientation and as a practical instrument in our daily work. The collaborative approach for its development received significant and grateful approval from all participants. The result: The participants actively integrated the new value system into their work processes during its creation.

Through the HES strategy, we are familiar with the alignment and vision of Hermes Einrichtungs Service. As a result, we have clear goals and milestones in mind on the path to their realization. Each individual contributes directly or indirectly to the realization of the HES vision through their work. 

To ensure a targeted implementation of our tasks, the HES mission statement has been expanded with a new, significant tool: the HES value system. The goal is to promote a values-oriented and responsible shared identity among all employees. The HES value system provides us with relevant points of orientation and guides us in our daily actions.

Our values

We treat every person with respect, kindness, and recognition.

What characterizes appreciation at HES?
1. Res|pect
We view every role as equal and value each person in their individuality.
2. Friend|li|ness
We show interest, attentiveness, and a smile to others.
3. Ac|know|ledg|ment
We accept every person with their strengths and weaknesses. We appreciate and honor their work.

We are open to new things, reflect on ourselves, and approach changes with courage.

What characterizes willingness to change at HES?
1. Op|en|ness
We approach changes around us with openness. From encounters with the new, we want to learn for the future.
2. Re|spon|si|bil|ity
We critically reflect on our own habits and seek feedback from external sources. We focus on the development of individuals and the company.
3. Courage
We boldly embark on new paths and pursue new approaches with passion.

We put ourselves in the shoes of others, act with compassion, and consider the needs of other teams and colleagues in our decisions.

What characterizes empathy at HES?
1. Hu|man|i|ty
We appreciate the diversity of our colleagues, have a positive attitude towards them, and act with compassion.
2. Un|der|stand|ing the Needs of Others
We understand the perspectives and needs of other teams and business partners and incorporate them into our work and decision-making.

We work together as a team with trust, are capable of handling conflicts, and prioritize the common goal over our personal goals.

What characterizes community spirit at HES?
1. Team|ori|en|ta|tion
We integrate ourselves into our respective teams, commit ourselves to team goals, and support each other.
2. Con|flict Re|so|lu|tion Skills
We engage in constructive and benevolent discussions to resolve conflicts and achieve common goals.
3. Com|mu|ni|ty Sense
We place the interests of HES and its employees at the center of our actions by integrating the various perspectives of departments, customers, and partners.

We proactively align our actions with the needs of our customers.

What characterizes customer orientation at HES?
1. Concept of Cus|tom|er
Our customer orientation is directed towards end customers, clients, as well as the internal customers of our work.
2. Cus|tom|er Needs
We proactively align our actions with the needs of our internal and external customers, while maintaining the highest quality standards.

We refrain from blame and focus on finding solutions to problems.

What characterizes solution orientation at HES?
1. Prag|ma|tism
We promote and demand goal-oriented solutions and establish short decision-making processes.
2. Error Culture
We understand that mistakes can happen. What is important to us is that we learn from them.

Working together for a sustainable future

Discover our ongoing cultural change, which is characterised by courage and commitment. Find out more about the diversity at Hermes Einrichtungs Service and our holistic corporate responsibility strategy, which pursues ambitious goals in order to assume both ecological and social responsibility.

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