Electromobility at Hermes Einrichtungs Service

Hermes Einrichtungs Service aims to provide you with individual logistics solutions and premium services while also fulfilling its commitment to sustainability and innovation. In a world increasingly shaped by digital shopping, online commerce, and direct-to-customer delivery, electromobility plays a crucial role in reducing CO2 emissions and minimizing our ecological footprint.

Electromobility has evolved from a niche to a central topic in the mobility industry. For over a decade, we have been actively engaged in the field of electromobility and strive to contribute to the advancement of this sustainable technology. We firmly believe that the continuous expansion of electromobility is not only an ecological obligation but also offers a range of benefits. These include reduced dependence on fossil fuels, significantly lower CO2 emissions, improved air quality in urban areas, and reduced noise pollution. Additionally, there are operational advantages such as lower operating costs, reduced maintenance requirements, and improved flexibility in urban areas with strict environmental regulations.

We are going electric – more and more often

After extensive testing of various electric vehicles from different manufacturers, especially in terms of actual range in everyday work, we have now incorporated the first electric trucks and electric vans into our vehicle fleet. The high level of driving comfort has also convinced or even thrilled our drivers.

For us, electromobility is not just a concept, but a concrete strategy for the future – and we have set ambitious goals: By 2025, we aim to deliver to around 20 cities in Germany with electric vehicles – and we will continue to expand our fleet and necessary infrastructure thereafter. By 2030, we plan to have over 1000 electric vehicles in operation for our customers and deliver fully electrically to 80 cities.

This vision is not only a promise for a sustainable future, but also a clear signal to our clients, customers, and partners. We understand the importance of sustainability and efficiency in the supply chain and strive to develop innovative solutions that offer both ecological and economic benefits.

Join us on this journey. Stay tuned for further developments and future announcements regarding our e-mobility initiatives. Together, we can shape a sustainable and efficient supply chain that not only meets today’s requirements but also meets the needs of future generations.


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