Ecological and Social Responsibility

Hermes Einrichtungs Service takes responsibility for the environment and future generations. The focus is on the prevention and reduction of CO2 emissions.

Ecological Responsibility
Our Social Responsibility

The world is undergoing change, and we move along with it. By bringing in our diverse uniqueness, we create a variety that promotes creative, fast, and innovative progress.

Diversity at HES

Also Responsibility must be taken. Let’s do it!

The awareness of sustainability in society is increasing year by year, and the need for action on issues such as climate change, biodiversity, human rights, and digitalization is growing. These values are deeply rooted in our mindset and set a high standard for our daily thinking and actions. As a subsidiary of the Otto Group, we take on ecological and social responsibility with clear ambitious goals through our joint Corporate Responsibility strategy.

At the center: Environmental & Climate Protection

For over 20 years, as part of the Hermes Group, we have been supporting and initiating various actions for sustainability and climate protection. Our climate and environmental protection program comprehensively combines the efficient use of resources across all parts of the company. The focus is on the continuous reduction of CO2 emissions in logistics.

We are already driving electric vehicles – more and more often

After extensive testing of various electric vehicles, we have now incorporated the first electric trucks and electric vans into our vehicle fleet – and we will continue to expand them steadily. The stated goal is to supply the largest cities and metropolitan areas in Germany with electric vehicles by 2030.

Our social responsibility

We embrace our social responsibility, embody the cultural change, diversity, and our collectively developed value system. We honor volunteer work, support projects, engage in donation and sponsorship activities – such as the annual Hermes Charity Run in Löhne. Discover now everything about our commitment on various levels.

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