Corporate Responsibility at Hermes Einrichtungs Service

As part of the globally operating Otto Group, we pursue a joint corporate responsibility strategy, through which we take on ecological and social responsibility with clear ambitious goals. Our CR strategy is part of the Otto Group Path and an important component of the Code of Ethics.

Our CR strategy is based on essential principles of cultural change:

  • Visibility of CR-relevant topics across all hierarchies and departments.
  • Room for maneuver for group companies to formulate their individual contributions to group-wide goals.
  • Networking and collaboration as essential approaches to learn from each other and develop solutions together.

The CR strategy of Hermes Einrichtungs Service consists of a total of five action/themes areas, each focusing on individual goals.

We achieve climate neutrality throughout our value chain.

Empowered Employees:
We empower our employees to experience sustainability and actively shape it.

Digital Responsibility:
We shape value-oriented digitization for people and society.

Conscious Customers:
We inspire and enable our customers to make conscious and sustainable decisions.

We apply principles and solutions of the circular economy in our business models.

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