Our social responsibility

At Hermes Einrichtungs Service (HES), we are aware of our social responsibility, which is deeply rooted in our corporate philosophy, and we fulfill it through initiatives and engagements at various levels. With our values-oriented approach, we contribute to shaping the future of our society in a positive way.

Cultural transformation 4.0 at HES

“Courage for change” has always been the motto of the cultural transformation 4.0 of the Otto Group, to which we also belong as part of the Hermes Group. Since 2015, we have been radically questioning our mindset and existing structures in order to continuously reshape our present and future. We approach this transformation together, transcending hierarchies and roles. As a result, our entire group has become more flexible and can respond more agilely to disruptive processes such as digitization. This makes us future-ready.

Our system of values

In the fall of 2022, the HES value system was developed by employees for employees and serves as a comprehensive instrument for orientation and as a practical tool in everyday working life. This collaborative approach was met with broad approval and gratitude, with participants actively integrating the new value system during the development phase.

Colorful Diversity at HES

Our lived diversity promotes creative, fast, and innovative progress to remain competitive amidst changes. We orient ourselves towards the “Charta der Vielfalt” (Charter of Diversity), the largest employer initiative for promoting diversity in German companies. In doing so, we create an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust, and appreciation – and experience the positive impact on our company on a daily basis.

Strategy Clusters for Goal Achievement

To ensure the achievement of our goals and guiding principles, strategy clusters have been established. The “cluster teams” consist of voluntary experts from various departments who work together to uncover and drive forward relevant topics. Each management board assumes the role of a “cluster sponsor”. The cluster teams ensure that the results from the action areas are successfully transferred into the line organization.
With empathy and data-driven analysis, we immerse ourselves deeply in the world of our customers to not only understand their needs but also anticipate them. Our goal is to make every interaction with Hermes Einrichtungs Service a positive and unforgettable experience because our customers are at the center of all our efforts.
The “Quality Leading” cluster team ensures that quality is not just a promise but the foundation of all our actions. We continuously analyze, optimize, and implement improvements to define and live up to the highest standards in the logistics industry. Because quality is the key to customer satisfaction and the long-term success of Hermes Einrichtungs Service.
With innovative thinking, we develop scalable solutions that enable us to respond quickly and effectively to changes. Our goal is to always stay one step ahead and seize growth opportunities to continuously improve and expand our service.
We strive to create an inclusive work environment where diversity is not only celebrated but also utilized as the foundation for a modern leadership philosophy that empowers every individual and brings our company values to life. Together, we develop approaches that allow us to integrate diversity into all levels of our decision-making processes and pave the way for a sustainable and diverse future.
With a clear focus on sustainability and social responsibility, we aim to implement processes that are not only economically viable but also environmentally valuable. We believe that sustainable growth is the key to a successful future and are committed to consistently pursuing this path.

Recognition of Volunteer Work – Social Volunteering

To appreciate the private social commitment of our employees, the project “Recognition of Your Volunteer Work” was launched in early 2023. Every employee who volunteers for at least 8 hours per year in their free time for a non-profit organization (NPO) or a voluntary association is entitled to an additional day of leave per year to acknowledge their efforts.

Donations & Sponsorship

Donation and sponsorship activities are an integral part of our social commitment. Over the years, we have established long-term partnerships with local clubs and institutions. We also support one-time projects and initiatives in the local area.
Hermes Charity Run in Löhne

Every year in late summer, the running shoes are laced up for a good cause at the Hermes Charity Run. Together with Hermes Fulfilment (HF), we organize a charity run for ambitious hobby runners. The motto is “More is more” – for every kilometer run, 1 euro goes into the donation box, sponsored by HES and HF. These funds, along with all other proceeds, are donated to social institutions in the region.

Approx. X.000 km

Total running distance of all participants

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