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Lifelong learning is of great importance both for one’s own job and for the company. In a constantly evolving work environment, continuous professional development enables you to adapt to changes, acquire new skills, and advance your career.

For our company, lifelong learning promotes innovation, employee retention, and ultimately our competitiveness. We enable our employees to stay up to date and contribute to the agile and future-oriented direction of the company. 

Faster, more connected, more innovative – digitization is constantly evolving. At Hermes Einrichtungs Service, we respond agilely to this ongoing change. Only by doing so can we continue to compete with our competitors. Together with the Otto Group, this is promoted through initiatives and development programs.

To meet the demands of a completely new form of collaboration and learning, the Group Management Board has launched the TechUcation initiative within the Otto Group: a learning platform that provides a fundamental understanding of the new working world in the context of digitization through video-based online basic courses, and can be deepened through various individually selectable courses.


Whether at the head office or working from home, it is clear that everyone at HES is highly committed to continuously improving ourselves and is very enthusiastic about their work.

The effective cooperation between the many different departments shows how well we work together.

I am lucky to work for an exceptional employer who gives me the opportunity to express my thoughts and ideas openly.

It is encouraging to know that we as HES can and want to maintain our agility and adapt quickly to new challenges. We are a great company and have no reason to hide.

The cooperation with colleagues and the openness of the HES management convey a consistently positive feeling that makes me happy to work for HES.

The flexible organization of working hours and location helps me to stay balanced at work. I can concentrate better on my tasks and also find time for personal matters.

I am delighted to be part of the HES family!

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Gerrit Heerdt
Head of HR Services
Hermes Einrichtungs Service

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