The business areas at HES – briefly explained

Hermes Einrichtungs Service has a three-member management team. Each of the managing directors is responsible for several business areas, which are led by department managers on the second management level. Below, we will briefly introduce you to the eight areas in total.
These departments are responsible for the management and control of company decisions based on financial data and guidelines. This department ensures compliance with legal requirements and internal policies. It plays a key role in risk mitigation and legal compliance of all company activities. Additionally, the department is also responsible for the implementation and execution of various special projects and tasks. Building-related matters, procurement, and fleet management also fall within its scope of responsibility.

This responsibility area includes maintaining existing customer relationships, improving the company’s image, and acquiring new customers. Customer service is an integral part of ensuring high customer satisfaction.
The focus here is on controlling and improving all processes in the distribution centers and transportation. The smooth handling of logistics operations is at the center of attention to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The goal is to promote new development paths within the company and to ensure the further development and maintenance of existing products. The focus here is on innovation management and product development. The implementation of environmentally friendly technologies, building issues, purchasing and the vehicle fleet are also their area of ​​responsibility.

Improving and developing the organization with its employees is the focus of this area. Measures for personnel development and organizational design are implemented to increase workflow efficiency and employee satisfaction.
The IT department takes care of all technical matters within the company. This includes managing and developing the IT infrastructure, software applications, and ensuring smooth IT operations.
The employees act as the interface between the depots, clients, suppliers, and all departments at the headquarters. The main task is the operational management of the depots.
This department continuously documents all processes throughout the organization. Depot structure analysis, area planning, and regular reporting on relevant quality indicators are among the main tasks. Additionally, the department develops and implements new software applications, logistics services, and solutions for end customers and clients.

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