Our onboarding process for new customers

If you have decided to collaborate with the Hermes Einrichtungs Service in 2-person handling delivery, we will go through a well-defined onboarding process together in close coordination, consisting of seven steps, for a perfect start.

  1. The collaboration begins with the contract signing.
  2. Definition of a common start date, when goods and data will start flowing.
  3. Registration of the customer in the HES client portal PORT to gain access to relevant systems and information.
  4. The customer provides test data to ensure smooth data transmission and proper integration of systems.
  5. The customer participates in a PORT training to become familiar with the features and processes and learn how to use the systems.
  6. The operational start begins after successful completion of the training. The customer actively utilizes the systems and becomes involved in the flow of goods and data.
  7. Regular feedback loops during the onboarding process allow for identifying any issues and making improvements. The customer’s feedback is of great importance in continuously optimizing the onboarding process.

HES PORT – our client portal

HES PORT is our online-based client portal for order processing, shipment tracking, and management of your 2-person handling shipments. In other words, HES PORT is your connection to successful logistics, from picking up goods at your location to delivery and assembly at your customers’ premises. With the B2C client portal PORT, all logistics processes between manufacturer, retailer, and end customer are perfectly managed. This industry- and volume-independent solution provides full transparency of all.

What does HES PORT offer you?

In short, HES PORT is the heart of our 2-person handling logistics solution for retailers and manufacturers, serving as the foundation and interface for our seamless collaboration.

HES PORT is a comprehensive, user-friendly online-based shipping control system designed to meet individual needs, regardless of shipment volume. Integration into the Hermes systems is quick and easy, allowing you to centrally place, monitor, and control your shipping orders with minimal effort. Order data transmission is done through interfaces.

Online access to all shipment information: You have the ability to view the status of your shipments at any time and use GPS-based live tracking to know exactly where a shipment is located. This provides high transparency and gives you the confidence of staying up to date.

The logistics solution also includes the arrangement of pick-up directly from the manufacturer or retailer and their integration into the Hermes HUB in Löhne, Ansbach (Germany), or Mosina (Poland). This ensures a seamless process throughout the entire logistics process.

HES PORT provides a comprehensive overview of all logistics processes and costs, enabling you to efficiently plan and control your shipments. The full range of HES PORT’s capabilities is available to you from the very first shipment, allowing for efficient and professional handling of shipment volumes starting from 1,000 pieces per year.


Simple and fast integration

You register in the web-based portal, and the HES team assists you in the individual configuration of your PORT shipper account. Afterward, you will receive your login credentials and can start right away.

Always keeping everything in view

Your individual PORT access allows you to have a comprehensive overview of your shipping and returns volume at all times. Contract details and general service descriptions are available, as well as information on all orders and their real-time status.

Individual user profiles

For shipping control by multiple individuals in larger companies, PORT offers user management with individual, customizable profiles for single users and groups.

Well-established processes that you can rely on.

Hermes Einrichtungs Service delivers nationwide – and also to many European countries thanks to its large 2-man handling network. Our expert customer service staff at all HUBs and depots as well as our dedicated teams of two do everything they can every day to ensure a positive delivery experience for your customers in addition to the goods. The high level of customer satisfaction is guaranteed by continuous quality assurance and can be seen in the independently collected, excellent NPS ratings.

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